Generally, the Bible is regarded as one of the most difficult books in the world to comprehend completely. Something more than the human cerebrum is necessary to effectively peruse and appreciate it. Likewise, you should do it with the Holy Spirit’s assistance.

While the vast majority of people acknowledge that the Old Testament laws have little influence on life after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, some are persuaded that they do because they think the Bible is one and that each word should be regarded and followed.

We’d like it if the Bible scholars in the home could assist us with authenticating and decoding a segment of these Bible stanzas, given that daily activities appear to contradict the Bible’s lessons and practices, both in the Old and New Testaments, and we’d recognize the importance of their assistance.

To support our theory, the next section contains examples of these actions in the form of Bible stanzas.

1. Hair twirling and embellishment According to 1 Timothy 2:9, women are not permitted to braid their hair or wear ostentatious clothing.

Additionally, I advise women to dress modestly while they are out. They should dress modestly and gracefully, avoiding attracting attention to themselves through haircuts, the wearing of gold or pearls, or the possession of valuable commodities.

2. Inspecting a female’s posterior,

Nonetheless, Matthew 5:28 adds, “Yet I promise you that a man who appears to desire only a young lady has committed infidelity with her in his heart.”

3. Pastoral Care for Women

This is almost certainly the most commonly used procedure in temples and other places of worship throughout the world. Furthermore, women comprise the majority of chapel owners and ministers. Ladies are responsible for maintaining silence in places of worship, as 1 Corinthians 14:34 teaches. They lack the right to speak, and should be held in captivity for as long as the law allows. “

4. Beard and shave maintenance.

According to “Leviticus 19:27,” you are not permitted to manage your hair on the sides of your head or to cut the corners of your facial hair.

5. Overconsumption of food.

Many people take more food than they require without realizing it, as Proverbs 23:2 warns: “Put a blade to your throat, if you are a heavy eater.”

6. Making derogatory comments about a neighbor

How would life be different if tattletales were not present? If someone is unaware that spreading smears among family members is a violation, they may consult Leviticus 19:16: You should avoid putting your neighbor’s life at risk; you should avoid putting your neighbor’s life in jeopardy.

7. Body modification.

This is a common occurrence in the lives of celebrities. They are tattooing every inch of their bodies, oblivious to the fact that they are committing a heinous offense. Leviticus 19:28 instructs, “Avoid cleaving your dead bodies or tattooing your skin.” I say, “I am Yahweh.”

How frequently do you commit any of these offenses? Kindly keep your ideas on this in mind.

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