Lady welcomes baby with her brother after many years of sexual assault from him and their father

Lady welcomes baby with her brother after many years of sexual assault from him and their father

A Young lady simply identified as Iyanu has recounted how she slept with her brother and also her father for many years and even welcomed a son with her brother. 

While speaking in an interview with journalist, Oriyomi Hamzat, Iyanu who spoke in Yoruba, said her brother has been having sex with her since she was 11 and that her father also began to have carnal knowledge of her when she turned 17. 

She said her father and brother knew they were taking turns to sleep with her but never stopped their action. She maintained she has nothing against gays but would rather they stop deceiving women into getting married.

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When interrogated, her father, Michael Ayinde, who would turn 52 in February this year, mentioned that he has been divorced from his wife and their mum for 16 years now and that he has not been able to remarry because he doesn’t have money. He said he and his wife have four children. While confessing to his heinous crime, the father said

‘’I came to live in Ibadan in 2021. I used to take alcohol. On that fateful night, I was drunk and so I came back home and had sex with her. I have only had sex with her once”

When asked if his daughter resisted his attempt to sleep with him, Mr Ayinde claimed she did not. He said when he finished and realized what he had done, he began to beg her to forgive him. 

On her part, the daughter said her father began to sleep with her when she and her brother went to visit him in a bakery where he used to work. She added that he continued to sleep with her whenever she and her brother visited him in a house he later rented. She stated that her father would start by removing her clothes when she was sleeping and then proceed to have carnal knowledge of her. She said her father had slept with her four times.

When interviewed, the older brother denied he impregnated his sister and welcomed a child with her. He claimed it was his friend who disvirgined his sister and that he had sex with his sister when he went to visit their mum. He also claimed that he had only slept with his sister four or five times.

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