Oppositions Kicks as Nigeria Set to Acquire Presidential Yacht Worth N5billion

Oppositions Kicks as Nigeria Set to Acquire Presidential Yacht Worth N5billion

The administration of Bola Tinubu has proposed allocation of funds in the 2023 supplementary budget, including 5.095 billion for the purchase of a presidential yacht.

This was made public through the detailed additional appropriation records collected by Nairametrics from Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

In the supplementary budget breakdown, the Nigerian Navy has proposed a capital expenditure of ₦42.3 billion and a recurrent expenditure of ₦20.42 billion, totaling a budget estimate of approximately ₦62.8 billion.

The proposed budget covers various crucial initiatives, including the acquisition of vehicles, the construction of naval bases in Lekki and Epe, provision of critical equipment, and the purchase of ammunition.

One of the significant highlights of the proposed budget is the allocation of ₦5.095 billion for the purchase of a presidential yacht.

reacting to the post;

n6oflife: I totally support him. He should also buy a Space Rocket. City Boy. On your Mandate we shall Starve..

kofo_of_buj: I don’t understand??? Are we all going to be having parties on the yacht, with everything happening with the economy…. Why must you do this to us, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY???? It’s not fair…. Doing us wickedness and still rubbing it in our faces… haba.

seun_dreams: Dem call person City boy, wetin u expect.

oare_friday: Make we dey look sha! Maybe after them don buy their own finish, them go come buy our own for us.

yellowmouthdxb: Una never see anything. I dey abroad dey look una… Funny enough na their supporters hungry pass online. Hunger never start.

derickrose2: Believe everything you see on social media at your own risk ⛔️ But still y’ll that voted Tinubu,ur suffering just dey start werey

onyinyechukwu______: Hope you all saw who you voted for. Renewed hope indeed.

prophetrolex4: I love this man called tinubu the guy just care for himself they leave him life and also they flex with Nigeria money 💰 flex my man We Nigerians are too quiet to defeat you 😢.

uncle_jeff_official2: City boy and doings wey dey shock us😂

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