During the crossover service into 2022, Bishop Oyedepo gave some prophetic instructions for every member of Winners Chapel to obey.

In his message, he claimed to have received these instructions directly from God, and he said that if the members of Winners Chapel obeyed these instructions, they would experience the life of more than a conqueror, which is the prophetic focus for 2022.

The following are the instructions he gave;

1) He commanded them to keep promoting the mystery of Kingdom priority stewardship. He said they shouldn’t just put God’s kingdom on their agenda, but they should put it first and give it their highest priority.

2) He commanded them to keep driving the wonder double church growth prophetic agenda. If you are a member of the church, you would recall that a few years ago, Bishop Oyedepo revealed that God said to him that he is the God of Wonder Double, and he was visiting the church. He further revealed that this God of Wonder Double would stay with the church as long as the church will want him to stay. I guess this would mean that there would be more focus on church growth and massive evangelism.

3) He commanded them to keep promoting cell growth and replication. Bishop Oyedepo has described the home cell system as the grassroot church. He has stressed that growing the cell is important for growing the church, as the cell recognizes members of the church on a personal level that the mega church will not be able to do.

4) He commanded them to keep driving kingdom advancement prayers. Kingdom advancement prayers are prayers prayer for the progress of the church. Bishop Oyedepo has always taught that if you deny your own needs and pray for God’s kingdom, God will add all things to you.

5) He commanded them to keep driving soul winning. You see, Bishop Oyedepo has taught that if you love God, you will love what he loves, and God loves to see unsaved people get saved.

6) He commanded them to keep bringing souls into church. Bishop Oyedepo believes that the church is the place for the saved souls to be preserved. He has always used the illustration of a farmer who brings his harvest to the barn. If the farmer leaves his harvest outside, he obviously will lose his harvest.

7) He commanded them to keep fanning the fire of the love of God

8) He commanded them to keep driving kingdom promotion investments. This means using your money to sponsor projects for the spread of the gospel. The Bishop has always preached that it is through prosperity that God’s kingdom will spread abroad.

9) Finally, he commanded them to keep meeting the needs of members of the church.

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