High blood pressure occurs when, the pressure of the blood hitting against the artery wall becomes continuously high.

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High blood pressure which is also called, hypertension is not curable and can only be treated using drugs and diet. Many people believe that, the only edible thing that can increase their blood pressure is salt which is not true.

Because, when you excessively eat some foods and eat other foods in small quantities, it can cause a spike in your blood pressure and taking some drugs can also increase your blood pressure.

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Five Things You Take Every Day That Are Increasing Your Blood Pressure

1. Added Sugars: added sugar has the ability to increase your blood pressure even more than salt. Hypertensive people who regularly consume foods with added sugar are worsening their condition because, these added sugar can raise their blood pressure to high levels.

Foods that contain added sugars like, soft drinks should be avoided by hypertensive people.

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2. Foods That Do Not Contain Potassium: potassium is an important mineral that help to regulate blood pressure. In order to maintain the right balance of fluid in your blood, the salt you consume and the potassium you consume needs to be equal if not, your blood pressure can become high.

Foods like, banana, vegetables, fish, fruits, beans and low fat dairy are good sources of potassium.

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3. Small Quantity Of Water: water is very important to your body because, if you do not drink enough water, the cells and organs in your body will not get the water they need which will make your blood vessels to get tight and shrink.

All of this will make your blood pressure to raise.

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4. Nonsteroidal Pain Killers: people take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to treat the headaches and pain. However, NSAIDs like, aspirin and ibuprofen can increase your blood pressure.

Avoid taking these drugs if you are hypertensive and take them only when it is absolutely necessary.

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5. Hormonal Birth Control: hormonal birth control are a type of birth control that works by, altering the endocrine system to prevent pregnancy. Taking hormonal birth control pills can narrow the blood vessels which can raise your blood pressure. o

Overweight women, women who smoke, and women who are 35 years and above should avoid hormonal birth control.

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