BBNaija 7: Live updates of ‘Level Up’ season (Week 4)

Don’t miss out on the highlights from the ‘Level Up’ houses.

BBNaija season 7 housemates at Saturday night party [Instagram/dstvnigeria]

BBNaija season 7 housemates at Saturday night party [Instagram/dstvnigeria]

Day 26

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Big Brother orders Deji and Groovy to move houses

While Deji’s comes as no shock, Groovy’s relocation left the level two housemates stunned.

Level two housemates win week four’s wager

The housemates won the wager with 60 points.

Big Brother commends level two housemates

The first half of the wager has gone in the favour of the level two housemates. Big Brother also noted the underwhelming presentation by the level one housemates.

The week’s wager task is ongoing!

Level two housemates had the honour of presenting their inventions first. The housemates put together some interesting African inspired inventions including lie detectors, power generating systems, earthquake detectors and health check detectors. The housemates also appeared in gorgeous ankara pieces.

Level one housemates presented inventions inspired by multiple African countries including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt.

Day 25


Deji’s special task is well underway

The housemate has begun grumbling to other housemates about the level one house. Finally, one of the fake housemates is taking Big Brother’s task seriously.

Day 24


Big Brother issues a special task to Deji New fake housemate Deji [Bigbronaija] New fake housemate Deji [Bigbronaija]

The fake housemate has been directed to complain about the level one housemates. On Friday, Deji is expected to pack up and demand to be moved to the level two house.

The level two diary session is ongoing

Big Brother has asked the housemates to nominate a male and female member of the house to be moved to the level two house.

Adekunle & Giddyfia lament the housemates’ untidiness

It’s kitchen duties for Adekunle and Giddyfia. The housemates also got the chance to chat about how messy most housemates especially with kitchen hygiene.

Phyna appears to be enjoying her tail of the week punishment

Recall Biggie instructed Phyna to speak in alien language at the daily sound of the buzzer. Phyna earned her punishment for having the least performance at this week’s Head of House games

Day 23


The level two housemates’ diary sessions is ongoing

The housemates are sharing with Big Brother how their losing streak and simultaneous nominations is affecting their game.

Big Brother has revealed to Chizzy that he plans to invite a male and female housemate from the level one house to help the level two housemates.

Day 22


The wager for the week is themed Afrofuturism

Biggie has unveiled the housemates’ week four wager task and it looks interesting. The wager for the week is divided into two parts. One part will see the housemates create a 3D model of five pieces of technology that is suitable for the future using African symbolism. The second part will see the housemates engage in a debating contest.

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Phyna and Groovy can’t get their tongues out of each other’s mouths

The housemates are officially an item so we guess it’s passionate kissing season for the level two house.

Amaka is hardly over Phyna’s betrayal

After a conversation with Phyna, Amaka got chatting with Modella about getting pushed under the bus by her former bestie Phyna.

Day 21


Khalid has been evicted

Khalid is the fourth housemate to exit the season. So far, the level two house has lost five housemates.

Groovy is safe!

Thanks to the fans, Groovy has more time to thrill viewers this season.

Ilebaye has been evicted

The housemate is the third housemate to exit the show this season.

The Sunday live eviction show is live

At least one of the nominated housemates (Khalid, Ilebaye, Phyna, Groovy and Bryann) will leave the show. Show host, Ebuka has also announced a surprise.

Day 19


Level two house wins week three’s wager task

The task saw the housemates design Gen-Z inspired outfits.

Ilebaye kissed me twice – Bryann

Bryann has spilled the tea on the intimate moments he shared with fellow level two housemate Ilebaye

Housemates get final rehearsal for wager task

The housemates will showcase Gen-Z inspired pieces for their fashion show later tonight.

Day 18


Amaka laments the messy way some housemates leave the toilets

The housemate went off for a few seconds on an unknown level two housemate who left used cotton buds in the toilet.

Housemates are busy getting set for their wager task

Recall the housemates were tasked to create Gen-Z inspired outfits which will be showcased on Friday on a runway show.

Day 17


Level two housemates finally win their first task

The housemates won a cooking task, their first in a long line of losses.

The Level two housemates diary session is live!

Similar to Tuesday’s diary session questions, the level two housemates are sharing their thoughts on the house swap, wager task and losing streak.

Day 16


Deji thinks some of the female housemates are desperately moving to him

The housemate has named Doyin, Chichi and Chomzy as the ladies aggressively on his radar.

I don’t like the new home, everyone is in your face – Bella tells Biggie

The level one housemate made the revelation during her Tuesday diary session.

Doyin tears up over Beauty and Cyph’s exit

The housemate got emotional during her diary session with Big Brother.

Level one diary session is ongoing!

So far, Hermes and Chomzy have sat with Big Brother to share some insights about the game so far, the newest housemates and their winning streak.

Bryann and Daniella talk about the low energy in the level two house over double nominations

Bryann who is up for possible eviction this weekend noted how the second nomination in a row is affecting the energy in the level one house.

Day 15


Khalid, Ilebaye, Phyna, Bryann and Groovy are up for nomination

At least one of the level two housemates will be evicted from the show.

Adekunle wins the Head of House games

The new HoH has earned immunity for himself and his fellow level one housemates.

Like the previous weeks, the new Head of House will nominate level two housemates for possible eviction.

The HoH games is live!

Both levels have gathered in the arena for a new round of games.

Big Brother instructs housemates to pack their bags

Big Brother is about to introduce a new twist to the game. The housemates were left puzzled after a directive to pack their bags and await new instructions.

Meanwhile the show’s social media handles teased the new twist which might involve switching the housemates levels.

The housemates have been tasked with a fashion show

The wager task for week three will have the housemates create Gen-Z inspired pieces for a fashion show. Each housemate will put together a unique piece which will be unveiled as a group.

Day 14


Big Brother introduces two new housemates

Chizzy and Rachael have been tagged Biggie’s agents. The interestingly new twist will see the duo play till the end of the show without getting evicted.

Cyph and Christy O evicted

The housemates from the level two house are the first housemates to exit the show.

Beauty issued two strikes and disqualified from BBNaija season 7

The beauty queen earned two extra strikes for throwing items at co-housemate Groovy in a fit of anger.

Day 13

6/8/2022 10:00 pm

Beauty throws a fresh fit over Groovy dancing with female housemates

The beauty queen has created some post-party drama over Groovy partying with other girls.

The Saturday night party is live!

It’s officially a turn-up night for the houses. Unsurprisingly, it’s more of a linkup night for the season’s lovebirds, especially the long-distance pairs.

Day 12


Bryann laments the lack of food in the level two house

The housemate had quite a lot to get off his chest after the house lost their wager task especially as they could go the entire week without food supplies.

Level one housemates win week 2 wager task

The houses were directed to create a unique sports game. Level one housemates get 1500 pocket naira for their Saturday grocery shopping.

Bella shares audition details

In a chat with Sheggz, the housemate revealed she was blindfolded and driven to an unknown destination as one of the stages of her audition. She further revealed that her mother kicked against her coming on the show.

Did you miss the Daniella and Khalid pool kiss?

The two may have made things official last night after sharing a passionate kiss in the pool during the level two house pool party

Sheggz tears up in heart-to-heart with Bella

The British Nigerian footballer broke down while sharing a bit about his family.

Day 11

Housemates reunite for Showmax task

04/8/2022 9:00 pm

Level one and two housemates have gathered in the arena for an acting task. For some, the highlight of the night is Doyin and Cyph reuniting after last Saturday’s kiss. Is it too soon to call in shippers for their long distance relationship?

04/8/2022 12:40

Level one housemates are having a heated exchange

Eloswag got upset over a joke made by Chomzy and Bella. Things shockingly went south in seconds flaring up at the ladies. Expectedly, Sheggz weighed in to defend his sweetheart.

Day 9


Big Brother instructs Modella to shake up the house

The level two fake housemate has been directed by Big Brother to cause some chaos in the house.

Level two diary session is live!

In addition to learning about the housemates’ week so far, Biggie has queried them about the newly introduced fake housemates.

Day 8

Hermes nominates five housemates for possible eviction

1/8/2022 8:00 pm

The HoH has nominated Cyph, Phyna, Christy O, Amaka and Khalid from the Level two house for possible eviction.

Hermes wins HoH games

The housemate will nominate five housemates from the level two house.

Week 2 Head of House Games is live!

1/8/2022 6:00pm

This week’s games is expected to kickstart eviction nominations. For the week, Eloswag, who won last week’s games is ineligible to participate, alongside the newly introduced fake housemates Deji and Modella.

Similar to the previous week, the winner of tonight’s games automatically gets immunity from the week’s possible eviction, immunity for his or her level and the sole power to nominate for eviction.

The housemates’ wager task for the week is themed sports

For their wager task of the week, the houses have been instructed to create to invent an original sport to be performed on Friday . In addition to creating the sport, the housemates will make a rule book with guidelines on how the sport will be played, and design female and male jerseys.

Chichi and Sheggz start the morning with a heated exchange

Chichi fired some shots Sheggz’ way this morning over a brief misunderstanding. The exotic dancer assumed Sheggz excluded her from the Gen-Z category but promptly apologized when she realized her error.

Day 7

The live show is on!

31/7/2022 7:00pm

Big Brother has introduced a new twist to the game with the introduction of two fake housemates.

The housemates Deji and Modella have been put in the Level one and two houses respectively and are expected to shake the game up.

Day 6

30/7/2022 11:45pm

The Saturday night party is live!

The 2-hour party will be the first time the houses will party together. Unfortunately for level two housemates, the party ends at 12:00 am. For winning yesterday’s wager, level one housemates will have extra hours of drunken fun.

Amaka and Bryan clash over level two shopping

The housemates have had a rocky relationship all week. Today’s trade of words was inspired by the weekly shopping.

Day 5

Big Brother issues stern warning to Sheggz and Phyna

The housemates have been found guilty of playing to the camera.

Big Brother has issued a stern warning to Sheggz, Phyna and the whole house on attempting to communicate with viewers or to infer what viewers might be thinking.

The warning was issued right after the wager presentation which was won by the level two house.

Level 2 house wins the wager presentation

The housemates get 1500 pocket naira, exclusive access to shop for the week, Thursday’s pool party and Saturday’s after party.

The Friday weekly wager presentation is underway!

29/7/ 2022 7:00pm

Once again, the houses have come together to present their presentation. Recall that the houses were instructed to form three groups of four housemates. They were told to prepare a talent showcase which will be performed simultaneously.

Levels will compete against each other. The winning level will be determined by the creativity , originality and organization of their performance. Biggie did not mention talent as the focus of their showcase will be on how the groups creatively put together something memorable.

The perks will see the winning level have the opportunity to shop on Saturday while the losing team will survive on the bare minimum. Only the winning team will party next Thursday and the Saturday after party.

Day 4

Level 1 housemates are partying tonight

The housemates have been instructed to prepare for the first pool party slated for 10:00pm tonight.

Level 2 housemates win cake task

For winning, the housemates get the cup cakes designed by the level one housemates.


Task Time

28/7/2022 3:19 pm

The housemates are hard at work on a cake which will be presented to Big Brother in a few minutes.

Missed the Beauty and Groovy kiss?

Level two housemates, Beauty and Groovy, are moving things up with the speed of light. The housemates grabbed a brief kiss last night.

Bella and Shegzz

What do we call this ship? The housemates continue to cosy up to each other

Day 3

The Level one housemates’ first Diary Session is ongoing

27/7/2022 2:00pm

The housemates are sharing with Biggie their thoughts on being on the show.

Big Brother gives new music task

27/7/2022 1:05 pm

Lounge time is over for the housemates as Biggie has directed each house to create a theme song. The music must be an original song composed by the housemates and not a cover of any existing song. The housemates will perform the song as part of their Friday task.

Chichi talks about her life as an exotic dancer

26/7/2022 6:00 pm

The level two housemate hinted to Eloswag that she experienced depression especially when she began the career journey.

The diary sessions are officially underway!

26/7/2022 2:30 pm

The first diary session of the season has kicked off with the Level two housemates. For the session, Big Brother is curious about how the housemates feel about the houses and their winning chances 72 hours into the game.

Phyna and Chichi clash over strategy

Chichi and Phyna got into a heated exchange over Chichi’s obsession with level two housemates.

Day 2

26/7/2022 7:00 am

It’s officially day 2 of the Level Up game and so far, ships have started forming, and housemates are bonding even tighter.

New twist unravelled

25/7/2022 8:20 pm

It appears the housemates were paired together for a week before the show launch. The housemates are currently sharing what they know about their paired housemate from the other house.

Tail of House reward

For having the poorest performance of the HOH games, Bella has been directed by Biggie to wear her clothes inside out for the week. The directive excludes her undergarments.

Big Brother introduces a new twist

There will be no nominations for the week but the HOH must keep this a secret from the house.

Eloswag wins the first HOH games of the season

25/07/2022 7:00 pm

The level two housemate holds the sole right to nominate a housemate for possible eviction until stated otherwise.

The Head of House Game is ongoing

25/07/2022 6:55 pm

The season’s head of house game is officially on! Interestingly, Big Brother united the houses for the game, another hint that we will be in for some mind-blowing twist this season.

Big Brother has announced Bella as the first tail of the season with her reward to be announced soon.

Bella and Chichi clash over a wager task

25/07/2022 2:33 pm

The housemates got into a heated argument over Big Brother’s wager task.

Wager Task

The housemates have been directed by Big Brother to plan and deliver a talent show due on Friday. The housemates must split themselves into a group of four with each member of the group showcasing a distinct talent.

Day 1

It’s no news that the 24 housemates are in separate houses, accessible on two separate channels, a twist that’s got fans curious about Biggie’s motive. Speaking of Big Brother, the housemates have received their first wager task of the season.

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