Most health problems are caused by the foods we eat although other factors like lifestyle can also contribute, however, the most common causes of diseases are food. When it comes to prevention, the foods we eat can also help to prevent some illnesses. Most local plants are known to possess medicinal properties, but people who eat them are not aware. Bitter kola nut is one of the most popular types of nut in Nigeria and it’s mainly consumed by old people. Just like the name, this nut has a bitter taste when you chew it. In this article, I will be showing you three health problems you can prevent by eating bitter kola nut as sourced from WebMD.

1. Inflammation.

Chewing bitter kola can help to prevent inflammation in the body. Patients who are suffering from inflammatory conditions like arthritis usually experience some improvements in their health if they eat bitter kola. WebMD shows that the high potassium content in bitter kola nuts can go a long way to lower inflammation. If you are suffering from inflammation, then you should give it a try.

2. Diabetes.

Although further research needs to be carried out in order to fully verify this. Various studies have proven bitter kola to be effective in combating hypoglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes (sometimes diabetes patients can experience low blood sugar as a result of the medications they’re taking). Bitter kola contains a compound which is known as kolaviron which may help to prevent hypoglycemia.

3. Infections.

Eating bitter kola has been proven to help relieve cough, common cold and other ailments which are caused by infection. Studies show that incorporating this nut in your diet when you have infections can help to speed up your recovery. Although bitter kola is said to be healthy, consuming it in moderation is highly advisable as too much of everything is bad.

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