The Labour Party‘s Spokesman, Dr. Yunusa Tanko has said that the New Nigeria People‘s Party (NNPP) and the Labour Party have reached an agreement to work together. However, it is not yet clear who will be the presidential candidate, as well as who will be the Vice presidential candidate between Peter Obi and Kwankwaso.

Dr. Yunusa Tanko made this statement during an interview with Arise News.

During the interview, Yunusa Tanko said that discussions are still on going between the two political parties. He also said that the discussion is not limited to the two parties alone, but from many different quarters.

He however said that, although, the two parties have agreed to merge and work together to ensure victory in the forthcoming presidential election, he can’t say for sure who between the two presidential candidates, will be the actual presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate for now, as such discussion has not been reached by the two merging parties.

According to Yunusa Tanko, the New Nigeria People’s Party and the Labour Party are not the only parties in this discussion. He said that the TUC, the Labour Congress and other ten political parties all have a charter of demand and policy making documents, as well as the NNPP‘s and LP’s manifestos.

He said that the parties manifestos are geared towards the need to put the Nigerian people first.

According to him, the supports Peter Obi has received are massive, which he said is the structure the Labour Party needs to win the election.

He added that the structure they have is beyond the conventional political structure that has been existing in other popular political parties, where manipulation and intimidation take place.

Speaking further about the Party’s structure, he said that the over 10 political parties that are supporting them are also mentioning the same kind of structure Peter Obi himself is craving for.

He said if it is to set up a conventional structure, they have enough time to do that. According to him, in the next few days or months to come, people will begin to see those structures as the party’s flags and movements will soon begin to fly in every nooks and crannies of the country.

He said that he understands that people, especially their supporters are impatient because they want to know who the actual presidential candidate is so that they can carry on with their permutations.

He advised Peter Obi’s supporters to carry on with their permutations in favour of Peter Obi pending the actual declaration of the actual presidential candidate by the two merging parties.

He also said that the magnitude of the ongoing consultations is very large, therefore, he cannot say as at now who is expected to be the actual presidential candidate.

However, speaking authoritatively, Yunusa Tanko said that he is very sure that the two merging parties have agreed to merge and work together. <iframe>

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