Once upon a time, there was this island that was submerged by water after a heavy down pour of rain. Many people in this island died but those that could swim very well managed to get to a high mountain that was in that island. After the multitude that escaped to the mountain stayed there for days without food or shelter, their plight got to the hearing of a powerful king that has everything it takes to rescue them. The king now sent his entourage for the rescue mission with a mandate that when they get to the island, they should pack their rescue ship by the flood of water and command the people to enter by themselves. He also ordered that anyone who refused to enter within an hour should be left behind. When the rescue team got there, many entered while majority were left behind.

If you were in this island, would you have entered?

The story above illustrates John 3.16, for God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. Today, the rescue ship of salvation is packing right before you and Christ is waiting to embrace and take you to the safety of abundance, peace and joy. Will you enter? If yes, then pray this prayer

“Lord Jesus, I invite you into my life. I believe you died for me and that your blood pays for my sins and provide me with the gift of eternal life. By faith I receive that gift and I acknowledge you as my lord and saviour. Amen”.

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