Many people do not like pawpaw because of how messy it can be or its taste.

But pawpaw is a tropical fruit that has a plethora of health benefits. Pawpaw contains antioxidants that keep you looking young and fight toxins in your body. Below are other health benefits that pawpaw has to offer.

1. Delicious and packed with nutrients

Ripe pawpaw can be consumed raw; however, unripe pawpaw should be cooked before eating. The fruit originated in Southern Mexico and Central America, but it is now grown worldwide.

Pawpaw contains many antioxidants like lycopene and carotenoids, which aid proper body function. In addition, your body absorbs nutrients better from pawpaw than other fruits and vegetables.

2. Protects against free radicals

Free radicals are by-products of metabolism that increase stress levels and even cause diseases. The carotenoids found in pawpaw neutralize these free radicals and reduce stress levels, especially in older adults.

3. Possesses anticancer properties

According to research, the lycopene present in pawpaw can reduce cancer risk. It is also beneficial for people that already have cancer. Pawpaw works by reducing or eliminating the free radicals that contribute to cancer.

A study also tested various fruits and vegetables and linked pawpaw to eliminating breast cancer cells. Although more research is needed, pawpaw is undoubtedly a fruit you shouldn’t skip.

4. Improves Heart health

Adding more pawpaw to your diet can help your heart stay in excellent shape. The vitamin C and lycopene present in pawpaw have been proven to prevent heart disease. The antioxidants in pawpaw also help reduce inflammation and facilitate good cholesterol levels.

5. Improves digestion

Papain in pawpaw makes protein easier to digest, and people in many parts of the world see pawpaw as an excellent remedy for IBS and constipation. The leaves, roots, and seeds of pawpaw have also been used to treat ulcers in humans and animals.

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