Fears and restrictions can be built up as a result of our experiences, cultures, and even our families, and these fears and limitations can hold us back or drag us down. Even if it isn’t deliberate, we’re all doing the best we can in this beautiful, dirty, and difficult world. There are things that we do that keep us from achieving our goals. Maybe you’ve been doing everything you can to make your ‘dream come true,’ but you’re not getting the results you desire. It is not simple to live a successful life, and you may be doing a few things that are preventing you from succeeding. The following are small things that people do on a daily basis that hold them back and prevent them from progressing in their lives.

1. Seeking approval.

You aren’t listening to yourself if you are preoccupied with what others think of you. Your attempts to win others’ approval will only hold you back. There are instances when getting other people’s thoughts is beneficial, but you don’t need continual praise from everyone. You are an independent individual with your own successes and failures. You must eventually stand on your own two feet.

2. Shifting the blame

It’s all too easy to put the blame on someone else. It’s natural to want to blame someone or something else for your failings. Rather than creating excuses, take action. Stop seeking for reasons why it isn’t your fault and start thinking about what you can do to solve the problem. You have control over your behavior regardless of the circumstances. Find a way to transform something negative into something positive.

3. You don’t make any changes and then expect different results.

It’s been said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. You must try new things to see what works and what does not if you want to develop yourself. You’ll keep getting what you’re getting if you keep doing what you’re doing. Not one’s better ability, but one’s guts to bet on one’s ideas, take measured chances, and take steady moves ahead, is often the difference between a successful person and someone who struggles to make constructive changes. To put it another way, some folks sit around waiting for the magical beans to appear, while the rest of us get up and get to work.

4. You are unwilling to take required risks.

Learning as you go is an important part of living. It’s a perilous business to live. You take a modest risk with every decision, interaction, step, and every time you get out of bed in the morning. To fully live is to know that you’re going to get up and take that risk, and that you can trust yourself to do so. It is to die slowly without ever having genuinely lived if one does not get out of bed, clutching to illusions of safety. Consider this: If you disregard your instincts and allow shallow feelings of uncertainty to stop you, you will never know for sure, and in many respects, not knowing is worse than discovering your instincts were incorrect. Because even if you were mistaken, you could make changes and move on with your life without looking back and wondering what may have been.

5. You compare yourself to others.

Whether you’re beginning a business or learning a new talent, you compare yourself to those who have gone much further down the path and anticipate similar results today. You think they didn’t exist because you can’t see the struggle, the mistakes, and the hundreds of small advances they made every day. You feel inadequate, inept, and disheartened in comparison. Instead, concentrate on where you are today in comparison to yesterday to get a more realistic sense of your progress.

6. Self-doubt.

Self-doubt suffocates dreams. Negative thinking and a fear of rejection will simply add to your feelings of hesitation and uncertainty. Your gloomy feelings will become self-fulfilling if you repeatedly doubt yourself and question whether your goals are realistic. Don’t get caught up in a negative thought cycle. You won’t be able to succeed if you keep yourself back. You’re considerably more likely to succeed if you believe in yourself and imagine your triumph.

7. You wait for the right time

You keep putting off doing something because it isn’t the “proper” time. You need to improve a few things, gain some experience, and learn a few new skills. You wait for the economy to improve, the weather to improve, or an indication that it is time to begin. This is simply your mind using delaying techniques to get an advantage. Now is the appropriate time. You will never know what else has to be done or improved unless you start.

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