There are some mistakes or things people do in their youthful age that they might later regret in the future. Adolescence and adulthood are just too exciting that many people make mistakes in this stage of life. 

Here Are 8 Mistakes People Make And Regret Later In Life. 

1. Spending Money On irrelevant Things. 

This one of the mistakes most people make mostly in a youthful age is they want to have fun, enjoy life and feel among themselves. They always compare themselves with others and want to be like them, run after style, fun, fashion and extravagant lifestyle. 

But the truth is there is nothing wrong in having fun living a fashionable life and buying the latest phones as a man or woman, but it is wrong if it makes you poorer at this moment. You have to rethink again. 

As a young person, your thinking should be about your long-term goal and how to build a good financial income. To accomplish this, you have to learn the habit of saving and learn how to invest wisely. 

Once you accomplish this task in your personal life, you can own or buy anything you desire because you have already built something for yourself.

Never be an attempt by peers to do things above your level or things that will make you broke later in the future. 

2. Thinking Schooling Is Enough To Get You Rich. 

As a young man or woman, you should have the mindset that schooling or certificate is not enough to get you rich. 

But many young people think once they go to school and come out, they will be rich. That is not true. In some cases, we will blame the educational system of our country. 

Schooling won’t make you rich or give you wealth. You want to know why there are some people who didn’t go to school that are still rich. Schooling only opens your mindset and thinking to do more, and one step ahead to success. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to make wealth in school. 

The real school and life start outside the university, we must keep learning every day about life in one way or the other. That why the rich and successful people keep learning even after decades they left school to get more wisdom and be exposed. But many youths and some people who think a certificate is a sure way to success stop learning the day they graduate from school, and such things might lead to frustration, poverty, unfulfilled life, regrets. 

Learn to read good books, learn from successful people. Always have it in mind that whatever you want to achieve in life, somebody else has. Learn to get ideas and learn from such people. Develop yourself not just in academics but in other positive ways or spheres of life. 

3. Giving Up Easily.

Remember, these quitters aren’t champions. People who give up easily or quit have high chances of regret in the future. 

No one became wealthy overnight. It takes hard work and some sort of building process before achieving the positive and good things they are enjoying today. Many people fail to see this, they just want to be instant rich without even putting more hard work and time into it. Remember this, never give up, keep on fighting till your dreams come to pass. 

4. Investing Without Research

Never dabble into things you have no knowledge in. Just because “Chibueze” is doing well doesn’t mean you will do like him in that business or platform. You have to understand what you are going into before investing. Never do things because you see your mates doing it and excelling. You don’t have many ideas or knowledge about it, but you want to do it. 

5. Not Saving Money

No matter how young you are, learn to save more than spend. People who have the habits of spending or squandering money soon it comes to their hands might face difficulties in the future and won’t have money to save themselves because they have used it once they have. 

No matter how easy the money comes. Learn to save is a skill everyone needs to learn. Be young or old, man or woman, don’t be too extravagant in spending, learn to build yourself and invest for your future, save for investment and emergencies. 

6. Trying To Please Everyone

My dear, you can’t please everyone in this life. Trying to please everyone is one of the reasons many people fail. 

There is no guarantee that everyone must like you in this life. No matter how good you are, not everyone will like you. That fact about life. 

Don’t be disappointed that some people or peers you never call your friends like you and never force people to like or love you. It should come natural because if you start forcing or begging people to like you, you might regret it in the future. You must learn how to deal with haters. 

7. Blaming Your Parents For Their Misfortune

I don’t know how I will put this word, but the truth is your parents owe you nothing. It is not their fault they are poor, but it will be your fault if you choose to remain poor. There are many successful men and women who came from poor backgrounds, and they are successful today. 

Your parents have done the best for you in one way or the other that you fail to see, but you think their best is not enough. The truth is, you can fix it yourself. You now have that second chance to correct such mistakes you think your parents made to be successful. It takes hard work, but you can. 

There is a saying that goes like this: your family background doesn’t define you, so if you don’t work hard and strive to put an end to that poverty or hard life, it will surely be passed down to your next generation and your kids will find it difficult like you did. So if you don’t want this to happen, stop blaming your parents for their misfortune, instead use it as a motivation to work on yourself and be better than your parents. 

8. Thinking Love Alone Is Enough To Sustain A Relationship. 

To keep a long-lasting relationship is not only about love. You must learn to share significant values of your partner’s dreams, goals, purpose and aspirations, otherwise you won’t last together in that relationship even if there is love. When it comes to keeping a relationship, it has to think above love. 

That why you see many relationships that break up or are no more together, but such people still love each other. Yes, it is possible to be in love with someone or date someone for years and find out you are fundamentally incompatible. 

Keeping a relationship is not about romantic love but sharing same values and goals in life. One of the mistakes people think and later regret is “I love you”. And making a relationship work are two different things. 

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