The usefulness of Condoms cannot be overstated. The usage of condoms, whether male of femal condoms, has and is still saving a lot of people, both old and young, even married and unmarried from not just unwanted pregnancies but also STDs.

Basically, the results of unprotected love making is belly growth, which needs no real explanation. At least, not until you happen to be unmarried, living under your partner’s roof and you are asked who is responsible. Inspite of all the dangers involved involved making love with using condoms, some couples still actually indulge in it. They ratifying their acts with excuses like “Condom reduces the pleasure”. We aren’t here to validate their claims, no. On the the contrary, there could actually be some truth in that. So here are 4 ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies without using condoms.

1. Get Acquainted With Your Menstrual Cycle

One probably easy and cheap ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancies is by getting well acquainted with your menstrual cycle. Knowing exactly when you are in your safe period and when you are not in your safe period can save you the trouble of having to take post pills. Menstruation denotes the out flow of unfertilized eggs from the uterus. So logically, there probably won’t be anything left to fertilize immediately the flow is over. Hence, safe period. But you could also download a menstrual cycle app from Google play store for visual understanding of this trick. Also bear in mind that semen can survive in the female body for up to seven days.

2. Pull out

Our second point here is probably one of the oldest trick in the oldest book. The trouble about this particular trick however, is that you solely have to reply on your man, and you practically have no role to play besides reminding him. It’s simple, tell your man to pull out so that his semen doesn’t go inside you.

3. Post pills

Procuring post pills is probably one of the most common ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. It’s said to have the ability to make the reproductive organs that lead to fertilization slow down for a reasonable amount of time. There by making fertilization of eggs impossible. However, it’s worthy to note that usage of post pills after love making to avoid unwanted pregnancies doesn’t have a 100% results guarantee. Especially when used more than once in the same cycle.

4. Family planning

Family planning is arguably the most efficient and easiest way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Family planning methods are of different sorts. You only have to visit a doctor to discuss which method best suites your taste and plan. This is because some family planning methods are permanent while others are temporary. But then, on a personal level, I really wouldn’t advise an unmarried young lady to consider family planning or even have the smallest thought about it.

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