Founder, Household of God Church International Ministries, Rev. Chris Okotie has come under fire after he attacked late Prophet T.B. Joshua, saying it was God’s divine indignation that consumed him.

Okotie has been a sworn enemy of Joshua while he was alive and even in death he released a dastard message to send him to the grave.

The controversial pastor had on his Instagram page on Tuesday quoted Hebrews 1:13, which said “… Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.’

He said T.B. Joshua was the wizard at Endor and that God had consumed him at last.

He said “the wizard at Endor who assumed the title ‘Emmanuel,’ has been consumed by divine indignation. And now his disciples bewail his ignominious exit.

“No marvel, one third of God’s angels followed the disgraced anointed cherub Lucifer!!

“Jehovah-Jesus our mighty gladiator has broken the head of the dragon with his mighty blows. He has descended from the mountain of spices with the fiery sword of his indignation.

“Glorious in his apparel and traveling in the greatness of his strength, he goes conquering and to conquer the adversaries of his church.

“Let those who swear by the Lord and by Malcham and the descendants of Haman, now tremble in fear. The day of the vengeance of our God has fully come to Nigeria. And they shall not escape. Operation Hupopodion (footstool) has commenced. More Power To You !!!”

But Nigerians have attacked Okotie for his cruel comment on Joshua.

According to Emo Mark, “At least TB Joshua never jump from one wife to another. All I can say about TB Joshua was good, he was a friend to all, both the rich and the poor, friends to all religions, the way people reacted to his death show how great he was, who can say that about you?”

Nellydon_n replied Okotie: “You just want to trend. So unfortunate you don’t even have followers …. what God will Judge in this world. Many pretend to be Rev, Pastors and whatever they call themselves but they are just wolves in human form…

“From your write up, where is the Christianity in you? You rejoice for someone’s death who has touched lives of many positively ? I pity you and your congregations cos, no doubt you are misleading them….

“For your mind, you are CHRIST LIKE??? Repent and ask God for forgiveness and may God have mercy on you for such utterances If they call Reverends to come out now you will follow come out? Who ordained you Rev for the first time?”

Frizi Trilli added: “If your a preacher of the word, what does the Bible tell you of blasphemy? And who is to judge? If not God …bet me you will meet your Waterloo soon, woe to those who mock the dead.”

According to Tolsaacworld1, “Bible says by their fruit we shall know them…since ever I grown to know you there’s nothing I can emulate in you as a Christian…your lifestyle, the way you talk, your marital life, nothing a youth christian can talk take home from you…

“Your life doesn’t edify the true gospel of Christ but rather depopulate the kingdom of God…if there’s one thing I can say about you, you are one of the end time pastors that will be left after the rapture must have taken place as an instrument for anti-Christ by then all those you have misled will come back for you.

“You can’t understand deep things cos you are carnally filled also a strong demonic agent here on earth to deceive people in other to populate the kingdom of darkness…T.b Joshua is God’s general, God’s Saint who came, saw and conquered.

“Thou pharisees, Sadducee and high priest we all should be ready for 3 major surprises when we get to heaven. Those you all expect to see will not be there, those you didn’t expect will be found in the right hand of God and you yourself will be amazed you finally made it….let’s all wait for this day.”

Cutestnenye stated: “At least we can remember that so called “wizard for his good deeds to humanity, and his philanthropic ways, but you, what will you be remembered for? ASHAWOISM.”

For Peaches_onyin, “May The vengeance Of Jehovah God, The Father Almighty visit you in Jesus name, Amen. If this is who you truly are, have no value to the kingdom of Jesus.

“Remove the man of God from your name and replace it with Agent of Lucifer. Because dat is what you just displayed for the whole world to see.”

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