Oyedepo, in one of his sermons on Saturday said “What people don’t know is that when you insult me, it energizes me and the thing is hitting you.

“I told them at the ministers conference that the reason I don’t react, I don’t want people to lose their job. When they put me on the front of papers my sons will buy, my enemies will buy so if they don’t sell, or they sack them won’t I be praying for them for miracle job?”

“I have enough on my list for miracle job. Don’t add to it. When they do it I just do as if I don’t know. They just carry on. When they’re not selling more, they write again, they sell more. Amen,” he added.

Oyedepo said there is a grace that made Christians live above discouragement, saying that “one of the vendors was selling and I was coming to Canaanland, there was a hold-up at Abule Egba; he said “buy”. “We don’t buy paper”. He now brought one that has me only as the major picture at the back of the magazine.

“He said “what of this? I said “we don’t buy paper”. That was in 1999. I’ve not found out what they wrote there. I don’t have that time sir. Since 1999 I’ve not asked any mortal man what they wrote about me. You’re writing about me, I know me more than you.

“They brought a paper to my house, the editor says he lives in Gowon Estate and so he gave me an advanced copy. I said “I don’t read paper”. He said “it’s free”. I said “I don’t read paper, go to our office you’ll meet one man there”, he is the one who reads our papers.

“Now, I’ve not found out what was in that paper. That was 1996. There is no method you can use to sell yesterday’s paper today.”

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