There is anger in the land as Nigerians have renewed call for the sack of service chiefs following Boko Haram’s slaughtering of 43 farmers in Borno, Northeast Nigeria on Saturday.

Dreaded  Boko Haram killed 43 farmers in a rice farm in Borno on Saturday by slitting their throats.

Angry Nigerians said President Muhammadu Buhari must sack the service chiefs and get competent ones to secure the nation.

Many Nigerians took to twitter to express their anger and the refusal of Buhari to sack the service chiefs.

A twitter user, Obinna Nwosu wants Buhari to sack the service chiefs immediately because they have failed.

Baba @MBuhari, i beg you with whatever you hold dear, sack the service chiefs. Arewa is sinking due to insecurity. There is urgent need for fresh ideas. Guys, please CC anyone you feel can help get this message to Mr. President in the comment section
CC @aishambuhari

— Obinna Nwosu (@obi_Nwosu) November 28, 2020

Another user, Kayode lamented that things should not continue the way they are and that the service chiefs had to go.

The killing of 43 Nigerians today who were working hard on their farm to make ends meet is barbaric and very sad. It is obvious the security architecture and strategy of the service chiefs and their commander in chief has failed woefully. We cannot continue like this.

— Kayode (@oshinubikayode) November 28, 2020

According to Frederick Odorige, the real problem is the service chiefs, saying that they collected money and remained silence to bad governance.

Our real problems are the Service Chiefs. They collect money and remain silent to bad governance. They are daft accomplices. Soldiers are in detention for speaking out. Buhari has over 200 security agents attached to him. What are they guarding? A push and start president?

— Frederick Odorige (@FOdorige) November 28, 2020

See other reactions below

I am not moved by leaders speech, i concentrate more on their action, i decipher & read that faster. i dont care what @MBuhari will say under an air conditioned heavily armed palace. field action is what we need. Call out the service chiefs someone has to be responsible for this

— Fuad Maqary (@maqary) November 28, 2020

The government of @MBuhari failed northerners and Nigerian. It’s the only govt that’s retained/retaining service chiefs that failed to secure their region talkless of the country. #ServiceChiefs

— Idris Ahmed Gale (@GaleIdris) November 28, 2020

Maybe PMB should resign too then, since he’s not doing the job. Boko haram & banditry issue goes beyond the sacking of Service Chiefs. Yes they should be removed & another set should be brought in but nothing will change still. Nothing!

— Ayoola Fierce (@ayoolatopezion) November 28, 2020

In the game of football, when something is not working you have to change your techniques- Sack the Service Chiefs

When you still keep loosing, the club management – The people, Sack the Coach – PMBuhari

So what is stopping this to happen? #ZabarmariMassacre

— Ebiowei K. O (@Ebiowei_KO) November 28, 2020

No lies.

There’s no reason the service chiefs should still have jobs. There’s no reason the president should not have his impeachment underway. There’s no reason lawmakers should not be recalled.

It’s because they know that the people are sentimental and will defend them.

— Mo Fash (@MopeFasakin) November 28, 2020

And Gov Zulum will run to Villa crying again. But Villa, as usual, will rather do another tete-a tete with the untouchable service chiefs. Allah remains our only hope now. @Jack_Vince77 @kingmythmaker @PremiumTimesng @thecableng @THISDAYLIVE @

— Akintunde Akanni, PhD (@AkintundeAkanni) November 28, 2020

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