Veteran Nollywood actress Elizabeth Benson popularly known as “Liz Benson” has been a sight to behold right from childhood.

The 54-year-old was born on the 5th of April, 1966. She attended Sylvania State College in the United States of America, bagging a degree in Dramatic Arts.

The veteran actress started acting at the tender age of 5 but did not make a breakthrough until much later when she featured in Fortunes, a TV soap opera in 1993.

Every Nigerian child who grew up in the 1990s should recollect ‘Diamond Ring (1998)’ where Liz played the iconic character of an angry dead lady who tormented the persons desecrating her tomb.

Her role in 1994’s controversial movie, Glamour Girls, shot her into the limelight, turning her into one of the most sought after actresses in early Nollywood. By 1996, she had wormed her way into the heart of movie lovers in Nigeria. However, during this time, a period which is considered the height of her career, Liz suddenly quit acting after the death of her first husband, Samuel Etim.

In 1996, Liz paused her acting career and focused on spreading evangelism with her second husband Bishop Ameye who she got married to in a private ceremony sometime in 2009. She and her husband established a religious assemble ‘Freedom Family Assembly’ where they preach the Gospel. She, however, returned to the screens in 1998 when she starred in Witches.

She has featured in a lot Yoruba and English films from (1995) True Confession, (1998) Witches, (2002) Èèkù-idà and Èèkù-idà 2, (2004) Red Hot, (2007) Toko Taya, (2014) Dry, (2017) Children of Mud and so many others.

With such hard work and zeal towards her career, Liz has won several awards over the years. She won (2006) Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Best Actress in a Leading Role at the City People’s Entertainment Awards, Most promising Actress in Nigeria and Best Actress in Nigeria (English) at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.


2017 VMama
2007 Toko taya
2006 Political Control
2006 Political Control 2
2006 Political Control 3
2005 Bridge-Stone
2005 Bridge-Stone 2
2005 Crazy Passion
2005 Crazy Passion 2
2005 Day of Atonement
2005 Now & Forever
2005 Now & Forever 2
2005 Squad Twenty-Three
2005 Squad Twenty-Three 2
2005 Women in Power
2005 Women in Power 2
2004 Inheritance
2004 Melody of Life
2004 Red Hot
2004 Turn Table
2004 Turn Table 2
2004 World Apart
2004 World Apart 2
2003 Contractors
2003 Contractors
2002 Èèkù-idà
2002 Èèkù-idà 2
2002 Last Warning
2002 Last Warning 2
2002 Wisdom and Riches
2002 Wisdom and Riches 2
2000 Dapo Junior
1999 Chain Reaction
1998 Diamond Ring
1998 Diamond Ring 2
1998 Most Wanted
1998 Most Wanted 2
1998 Scores to Settle
1998 Witches
1997 Back to Life
1995 True Confession
1994 Glamour Girls

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