The 33-year-old lady told Centtwinz, a YouTube channel, she met the love of her life when she was 14 but their relationship ended and the two reconnected later when she was 29.

“When my previous relationship ended, he was there to encourage me. We became friends and I noticed he liked me and wanted to marry me,” she said.

According to, in 2016, she gave the relationship a chance and decided to tell her parents she was in love and wanted to get married. After getting engaged, Chawane and her man disagreed a lot and would fight often but she chose to take it lightly.

“I thought it was the devil. You know church girls, we are naïve like that whenever there are issues,” she said.

The motivational speaker reportedly had five bridal showers and 400 people attended her wedding.

After the wedding, the next expectation for the night was to now have the chance to see each other’s nakedness for the first time and consummate the relationship. But Chawane’s husband did not want to do the rightful, and she thought he was still scared because they had decided to wait until marriage before they got intimate.

Throughout their honeymoon, the man kept giving one excuse to the other, ranging from hunger to tiredness.

Eventually, he became angry after the sexless honeymoon and stopped coming home.

To further break Chawane’s heart, her husband said he was no more interested in her, claiming she was possessed.

The two then went their separate ways after just five months of a boring marriage.