A fire station in Oyo state has been set ablaze by angry youths after a nearby market went up in flame and the station’s firefighters could not do anything to quell the inferno.

Famous for sale of wide range of food items, local artifacts, clothing materials, and household utensils, Akesan market went up in flame in the early hours of Sunday, January 5, 2020, and wares worth several millions of naira were said to have been destroyed in the fire, Punch reports.

The cause of the fire is not yet confirmed, but an eyewitness said it started around 12:23 am.

However, shop owners and people of the town reportedly went wild when the fire fighters at the station, which is said to be few meters to the market said there was not water to quell the inferno.

Angered by the firefighters’ excuse, the enraged mob reportedly set up the truck and other property at the Fire station on fire, Punch reports.

However, fire fighters from Ibadan, the state capital are said to have arrived at the scene with a backup from Ogbomoso to put out the fire.