Tonto Dikeh spilled almost all the information about her personality in a recent spill it all interview.

The over 26 minutes long interview sees the actress revealing her inability to speak the native Ikwerre language, why her vagina remains the most magical part of her body and her sexual feelings for a Nollywood actor.

Tonto Dikeh refers to Bobrisky as he. “I’m sorry to burst your bubbles I don’t talk about my friends in public or private. If you have a question for him, I’m sure you know where he is to ask him.”

Again when asked why she’s friends with Bobrisky, her response was, “Is that a question? Why did your father or your mother give birth to you? Why are you going to the church you go to? Because I like him.

2. Sexual feelings for a Nollywood actor

Tonto has sexual feelings for a Nollywood actor but she won’t reveal his name. She made the revelation when asked if she has a man she’s crushing on. She said while the definition of crush remains unclear to her, she has a man she has sexual feelings for. “Yes, I have someone in the industry, whom I want to fuck, whom I have sexual feelings for but I won’t divulge the name. I will have to take it with me to my grave,” she gushed.

Tonto Dikeh admits loving getting under the knife for plastic surgery and she promises to do more. [Instagram/TontoDikeh]

3. Tonto Dikeh admits being in a relationship

When asked if she can date a Muslim, she said, “Yes, I can. My boyfriend is Muslim. I am dating a Muslim man and I won’t be in a serious relationship with him if I don’t feel I might or could end up with him. For me, it’s not about religion but I think the person.” 

4. The importance of Tonto’s vagina

Tonto Dikeh says her vagina is the most magical part of her body. [Instagram/TontoDikeh]

The best part of my body is simply and would remain my vagina. That is the most magical part in my body and that’s the most magical part in the whole world, I mean it births my son, that’s the favourite part. The best thing in the world came out from there,” Tonto revealed in the interview.

5. Inability to speak her native language

The actress admits in the video that she is unable to speak her native language. Responding to one of the 50 questions, Dikeh admits her inability to speak the native language of the people of Ikwerre in Rivers State, where she hails from. She also admits that it’s sad and not good.