The Founder of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry, Abuja, Prophet Emmanuel Omale has prophesied that President Muhammadu Buhari, would win the Feb. 16 presidential elections

Omale made the declaration as part of his his 36 prophesies for year 2019 made available to newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said that the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar would show amazing efforts but he saw President Buhari ruling again.

Omale, however said that Buhari would require serious prayers for his health as that could be an avenue to sway a judicial victory in favour of Abubakar.

The prophet also said that the forthcoming elections would be peaceful, advising Nigerians not to be afraid.

On the international seen, Omale said that the Prime Minister Theresa May of UK may not survive as Prime Minister in 2019 as she would succumb to a second Referendum on BREXIT.

Below is the detail of the prophesies:


Founder of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry, Abuja.


It is that time of the year again when we at Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry accept the privilege of conveying to you what God, the Creator of the Universe have in stock for His creatures.

Charity must begin from home and we are therefore duty bound to tell Nigerians the visions and plans of God for the year 2019. This incoming year is a very critical and auspicious period for Nigerians as it is a general election year.

Now, behold the Vision I received from the throne of grace and mercy, the seat of love, security and provisions, the God of miracles and wonders.

1) There will be a peaceful election process, we should not be afraid. Though there shall be pockets of skirmishes, the general outlook still looks good and quite far from the negative mind set prevailing

2) What Nigerians should worry about is a massive resurgence of terrorist attacks; early morning train passengers should be vigilant and prayerful always

3) Air passengers on a popular airline should be prayerful to avert any disaster around first quarter of 2019

4) All service chiefs will be changed to avert a likely mutiny

5) The fight to eliminate and discourage corrupt practices will get a boost as I see the current Chairman confirmed, but he must exercise care among his trusted lieutenants against sabotage

6) Government should handle the Shiite uprising carefully as I see the balls of fire in various cities in the Country as a result

7) We should pray for the military. I see the junior officers killing the generals. A lot of them will run away from the force.

8) Nigerians should pray against a health epidemic worse than Ebola

9) Even livestocks may be affected

10) In 2018, we warned about the floods that ravaged the Country. In 2019, people should work and pray to avert drought and fire outbreaks

11) Even a huge oil vessel may catch fire and create extensive damage in the coastal areas

12) The price of oil may drop further and probably rise around mid year

13) The Naira may weaken to around N400/$1

14) A former Principal Officer in the National Assembly must pray against bereavement

15) A former Nigerian ruler may not survive 2019

16) A prominent South-South leader will be called to glory

17) A very wealthy oil Billionaire from the Eastern part of Nigeria may lose his life in a botched assassination and kidnapping and this will spark violence that will see the burning of a popular market

18) A Nigerian international footballer who is a household name must pray against misfortune and calamity

19) Two Judges will be sent to jail around middle of next year if care is not taken

20) An ex-Governor may be jailed, a serving Governor will be impeached

21) A prominent Vice Chancellor in a private university should pray against loss of whole family in a motoring accident

22) A young international music star should pray against mental illness

23) We should pray for the entertainment stars in our country against unhealthy competition, as I see attempts to take each other’s lives

24) A popular blogger who is a source of encouragement to the youths and inspiration for entrepreneurship, should pray to avert an attack.

25) The APC Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu requires urgent and fervent prayers against an illness that can incapacitate him

26) A Party Chairman and his wife should pray against sexual scandal

27) Atiku will show amazing efforts in the coming elections but I see President Buhari Ruling again, However President Buhari would require serious prayers for his health as this could be an avenue to sway a judicial victory in favour of Atiku

28) Dogara, the House of Reps Speaker needs to work harder to return to National Assembly

29) A few States may have inconclusive elections and new dates will be scheduled

30) Adamawa is still APC while Taraba is PDP

31) I see plenty new entrants into National Assembly

32) Bello of Kogi State needs to work twice as hard to come back

On the international scene

33) A West African president needs prayers to avert bereavement

34) President Emmanuel Macron may lose his seat

35) German economy will witness a dip so investors should hedge wisely

36) Prime Minister Theresa May of UK may not survive as Prime Minister in 2019 as she will succumb to a 2nd Referendum on BREXIT.

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