The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Jimi Agbaje was super active on twitter yesterday and one of his series of tweets got people talking.

The tweet which suggest Agbaje was playing the tribal card and raising ethnic issue to win the votes of Igbos in Lagos has generated a lot of reactions

The PDP governorship candidate resurrected Oba of Lagos lagoon utterance of 2015 stating Lagos does not dislike the Igbos but the political establishment in Lagos does.

It would be recall that the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akinolu said , ‘Jimi is my blood relation, and I told him he can never be Governor in Lagos now and if you [the crowd] do what I want then Lagos will continue to be prosperous for you, if you go against this you will be banished to the water! Finished!”

Jimi Agbaje’s tweet reads: On Lagos and the Igbos: The narrative that Lagos dislikes the Igbos is extremely false. Oh yes, Lagos does not dislike the Igbos, your political establishment does. The royal utterance of 2015 is still fresh on the mind of the entire electorate.

Below are some of the reactions:

@biolakazeem – Jimi Agbaje is ever so willing & eager to set tribes against themselves in Lagos just so he can win elections. That’s the person I am supposed to vote for. Campaign for elections,lose, completely disappear only to reappear again singing the song Igbo vs Yoruba song. I hear you.

@temiokomi – Facking hell! Jimi Agbaje has gone crazy…

@ogundamisi – He plays the Igbo card again! Tried it 3 times and it failed. You can win without going down this route. Lagos does not have a Igbo none Igbo issue, it only comes up each time you @jimiagbaje remember you need to run for public office. Hope you know the implications?

@ayobaba – This is bigotry….. it would lead you nowhere. It failed you in 2015, it would surely fai l you in 2019. Shame.

@aghogho_ovuorie – People complaining about the tweet of Jimi Agbaje has suddenly forgotten that the Oba of Lagos was very wrong in that his statement 2015 & should have rightly apologised to all Igbos resident in Lagos. But he didn’t. But you guys can see only bigotry. Continue.

@charles_egwuatu – When this man was frolicking with LASG(APC), supplying cheap drugs to state hospitals, he didn’t remember we Igbos. Election is here again and he has started. Oga, Thunder fire you there! Loser

@kcnaija – Jimi Agbaje awakened Lagosians to some cold truths but the babasopes and sophisticated morons he wants to liberate have turned it into a kerfuffle.
Harriet Tubman said: “I freed a 1000 slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”#SetLagosFree

@noafasina – This was ill advised. The Igbo votes alone cannot make you the governor and it is dangerous to play up divisive issues like this for elections. You will drive the Yorubas away from your candidacy. Most of us Love the King even though we condemned his comments then.

@euginhocortez – People saying “jImi aGbaJe sHouLd stiCk tO isSuEs” amuse me. He ABSOLUTELY has to belittle Sanwoolu.
A lot of the criticism of Jimi came from people feeling he lacked aggression& self-belief. He has to stir people up and make them see Gator-Jeans as crap they shouldn’t consider

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