Khafi might have been voted out of her will to win BBNaija Season 4’s N60 million but not without winning big.

Khafi’s hope of winning the grand prize of N60 million in the 4th season of BBNaija tagged Pepper Dem has ended but it’s on a high note.

Spending a total of 77 days – 11 weeks, 11 Saturday Night Parties and 11 Sunday Live evictions – Khafi walked out of the show standing tall in her strides.

Her wins include a N3.85m Innoson car, a total cash prize of N916K and a N220K Scanfrost TV. Between the 7th and 11th week, Khafi went on a winning streak making a name and a unique brand for herself.

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In the 9th week, Khafi won the Head of House challenge and immediately took the reins of power from Esther, who reigned as the first female to win emerge the Head of House twice.

Khafi’s reign ended in the 10th week after the powerful pair – Mercy and Ike – emerged Heads of House.

Khafi has been evicted from BBNaija Pepper Dem after 77 days. [Twitter/BBNaija]

Here are some of Khafi’s major highlights in her 77-days stay in BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem house.

Finding love with Gedoni

After seven days in the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem house, Khafi found love in the eyes and arms of fellow housemate, Gedoni. The two were up for the first eviction alongside Avala and Isilomo after emerging the housemates with the lowest Bet9ja coins. However, Gedoni and Khafi escaped the eviction when they emerged top at an Arena game to determine the first two housemates that would be evicted. The rush of emotions and narrow escape saw Gedoni and Khafi getting close. The UK Metropolitan police officer didn’t shy away from falling in love despite warnings of not getting into a relationship in the house. During the second Live eviction show, Khafi revealed to the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu that she was in love with Gedoni and the stage was set for an affair that lasted six weeks before the eviction of Gedoni from the house in the 8th week.

Sex in the house

Gedoni and Khafi [BBNaija Content Bank]

As the relationship between Khafi and Gedoni grew, Khafi became so close to her love interest and the two became inseparable just like Ike and Mercy. They looked out for each other and ensured their beds were closer to each other. In the 3rd week, Khafi and Gedoni established their relationship under the sheets, hence, gaining the attention of Esther and Frodd, who were having a conversation opposite them. Esther and Frodd had heard sounds and movement under the sheet which had Khafi and Gedoni under it and viewers suggested the two were having sex. This was further corroborated by Thelma, in an interview with Pulse after her exit from the show. A used condom prank by Ike, Mercy, and Diane also pointed to the possibility that Khafi and Gedoni amongst other housemates had sex in the house.

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Winning streak

Khafi wins N3.85 million car in BBNaija [Twitter/BBNaija]

The seventh week proved the beginning of Khafi’s winning streak after the eviction of Gedoni from the show. From winning a brand new car to winning supplies of Dano Milk and Arla products, Khafi made a mark on viewers and housemates. While in the house, Khafi won the Innoson vehicle valued at N3.85 million during a challenge. She also won 220,000 Scanfrost TV during the Scanforst challenge. In furtherance, she won Dano cooking challenge – team Arla Butter N250K. Khafi was also a co-winner of the Indomie N5 million challenge – where she gets N416K. Her last win was on Saturday, September 14, 2019, when she became a co-winner of the TravelBeta challenge under team Lagos that won N1 million prize. She’s entitled to the sum of N250K

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The Tacha experience

Khafi and Tacha have grown to become two good friends after the strated off on a bad foot. [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]

Khafi first ran into troubled waters with Tacha when Ebuka, during the second Sunday Live eviction show, when he asked what Khafi was discussing with Jackye over someone being fetish. Jackye and Khafi took turns in explaining themselves but this fell on deaf ears as Tacha explained herself maintaining her leg chain isn’t fetish. It took several weeks of explanation from Khafi before Tacha decided to let go. Khafi formed a bond with Tacha after her return from the ‘Secret Room’ and the two remained inseparable until her last day in the house. Her friendship with Tacha also caused a stir in the house with Mercy, Diane, Ike, Venita, and Seyi embittered.

Tacha and Khafi ina friendly twerking challenge [AfricaMagic/BBNaija]

The Venita rivalry

Khafi and Venita have quite some traits in common. And for the six weeks that Venita stayed in the house, she played the cat and mouse game with Khafi till the end. Khafi and Venita didn’t just get it right. They tried working their differences out but it never seems to pan out. Though Khafi says she has no issues with Venita, Venita feels the UK Metropolitan Police is two-faced. Interestingly, the two housemates were voted out of the house within a week.